1. At least THIRTY DAYS notice must be given to the Principal in writing, before a student is to be withdrawn. Application for Transfer Certificate should be applied within one week of leaving the School.

2. A Transfer Certificate will be issued on payment of Rs.300/- only when all dues to the school have been paid and the school’s library books are properly returned.

3. Any student failing for two years in succession in the same class or twice in three consecutive years will be struck off the rolls and the School Leaving Certificate will be issued on written request.

4. The Principal reserves the right to dismiss any student who has failed to accept the discipline of the school and his/her continued absence is considered detrimental to the interest of other students.

5. Transfer Certificate will not be issued to a student who leaves school without informing the school.

6. Absence of a student from school for continuous 60 days without information will result in the name of the student being struck off the rolls.

7. If a student is withdrawn for any length of time and parents wish him/her to be readmitted, an entrance test will be taken and the Admission fee will be charged again.

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